Doing what is right for the community is Stew’s top priority and what his campaign stands for. He feels it’s time to give back to the community that supported him for so long, which is why Stew decided to run for City Council. If he gets elected he will bring passion, energy, accountability and new vision to help resolve some of the major issues facing our city.

There are several issues affecting Glendale residents at this time. The first issue is whether or not the Phoenix Coyotes hockey team should remain in Glendale. Stew feels the NHL has turned the city into the scapegoat for not finding a solution to the Coyotes ownership search and feels it’s time for the league to step up and fulfill their end of the agreement.

“We committed to them and built a first class facility for the team and gave them $50 million over the past two years, I am not in favor of giving them any more public funds. If they don’t respect this market enough to find ownership for this franchise then I think it’s time for us to explore other options for our arena.”

Stew is very concerned about the jobs that will be lost if the Coyotes leave, and feels an alternate plan needs to be in place. He would like to explore the option of making the team publicly owned like the Green Bay Packers.

Speaking on the casino issue:

Stew thinks the casino would provide another destination spot in Glendale, and possibly attract people to Westgate and our historic downtown district. His biggest concern is whether we agree or disagree on this issue the Tohono O’odham Nation may have the legal right to develop the casino, so we should not destroy any future relationship with the Tohono O’odham Nation by speaking out against the casino development.
Stew believes they sincerely want to be good neighbors in the community.

“Although we will not see a great deal of new tax revenue, there may be other opportunities that could be explored, possibly in the form of community donations or sponsorships.”

Speaking to issues directly related to the Cactus District:

Stew thinks the Cactus District has been represented very well in the past, and the issues facing residents in the district are the same ones facing the city as a whole.

”If we stabilize our financial base in Glendale then funds would be available to explore improvement opportunities in our district.”

Stew stands by the excellent Fire and Police services and is a strong supporter of both.