I want to thank everyone who has signed my ballot petition so far. It was a pleasure meeting all of you!


I have been a resident of the west valley since 1982 when I moved to Arizona from Ohio.  The west valley is my home and the people here are the best. If I get elected to represent the Manistee District as Justice of the Peace I will work hard to become the best Justice this district has ever had. I will bring to the position good common sense, excellent communication skills, and the ability to listen to both sides and treat everyone fairly and equally.

Remember Justice Court is a court of the people and is not meant to be conducted by legal professionals like our higher courts. Justice Court has always been presided over by respected members of the community. I want the chance to earn your respect.

I look forward to meeting more of you on the campaign trail, and I would appreciate your support and your vote.


Republican Candidate Stew Radawec

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Manistee District: Justice of the Peace

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